3 Small Business Success Factors

Success for small businesses comes for many factors both small and large with a many nuances form industry to industry. There is however a few rules for small businesses in this age that do not change and can be applied across the board that can help you take on the bigger companies and take some of their business and keep it too! These 3 small business success factors are as follows:Marketing
You will never have any real success with your business unless you can make it easy for people to find you and make them want to come to you also. Large companies spend huge amounts of money on marketing their brand and products to target customers all over the world that may want to use their products or services and a small business needs to do something similar. The problem is that most small businesses do not have bottomless pockets of cash so blanket advertising is not advised. The smart small business marketers look for multiple venues to get their name out and only spend money and time where you can target customers that are relevant to your business. Having an online presence is a very important part of this but finding where your customers are and using advertising to target just those people is the way to go. Try advertising online using Google AdWords, writing articles for online sites or for local papers do your research and it will pay you back.Sales
Once you start getting people enquiring of your services they do not immediately buy because they are still waiting to be convinced of the quality of your service or product. Having good sales skills is vital for this and your position as a small business can be a help or hindrance depending on the customer and industry. In either case your sales skills should be focused on providing the right solution to each customer, a little more effort on each sale to hit the right emotional notes with the customer is an amazing booster to sales and return customers. Some small business owners get too caught up in their own product and forget that your focus should be the customer!Service
Small business success factors beyond marketing and sales are the level of service you provide to your customers. This can be as simple as a helpful tone on the phone to going out of your way to deliver something personally or making an exchange easy. The point of service is that extra something that makes the customer go “wow! This is so much better than their competitor”. Your service is one of the most important things you can provide when competing against big business who often sacrifice a personalized service in favor of lower prices which leaves a huge market of dissatisfied customers who will flock to your business no matter your price.

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